How to pick the right weed control and fleece pins.

Plastic geotextile pinsPegs for geotextiles come in many sizes from plastic to metal. It is often difficult to find information on weed control fixing products in order to make an informed decision….. until  now!

The type of ground you are laying the fabric on will dictate the type of pin you will need to secure it. You need to find out what kind of soil the area you are wishing to cover has. This is easily done, as a quick assessment can be made by looking at a sample. It is useful to test the ground, perhaps you have a spade, cricket stump, pole etc… anything that will give you a gauge of how tough it is to push items in. Once the ground has been examined you can go about making a decision in regards to ground cover fixings.

If you have come to the conclusion that the earth is fairly soft and it is easy to push, things in then the peg most suitable will be a plastic anchor peg. These are usually 6 inches long with what looks like a barbed design. The reason this is great for softer soil is that the barbs will grip into the earth, this added stability is needed to keep any fabric you are holding down in place. BE CAREFUL! It is important to get the heavy duty style plastic pins. The thinner style is very flimsy and tends to break and bend very easily. It is important you check before you buy; do not just go for the cheaper option because they will most likely be a thinner pin.

If you find you come to the conclusion that the earth is harder or even stony then it sounds like a steel peg would be the peg to go for. Even though you can use L-shaped or groundsheet type pegs the best one to go for are large staples; the reason being that the bar across the top hold down and fleece and membrane really well. You will be able to use a hammer with the steel pegs but be gentle as you do not want the pins you are using to bend or break.

If you feel your ground is extra hard or rocky and it is really hard and it may be very hard to push and staples in then you can use what are used ‘Rock Pegs’. This rock pegs are very thick and have a plastic bar at the top.  These pegs are often used by campers and people doing outdoor activities.

The pegs mentioned are all fairly self-explanatory and it is advisable to test the ground before buying any fixing products. Most home gardeners will be used to making decisions based on previous experience, but for newbies it can be hard. Please feel free to send through any question or go to our home site for even more details.

Hope this was helpful.


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