How to put up Tarpaulins & Groundsheets

Clear tarpaulinTarpaulins and groundsheets are great around the garden and home. They are useful for covering items for roofing, windows and general DIY uses.  Tarps are usually made from a variety of materials; PVC, cotton (canvas) and polypropylene.

Tarpaulins are measure using GSM (grams per square metre). The higher the better! If you take into account the weight then you will be able to select the correct product for the job. Economy style covers are usually graded around 80-90gsm, these are mostly for temporary use. If you are covering a roof or you need protection for an extended period of time then it is advisable to go for something 200gsm and above.

When using a tarp for covering it is important that these rules are followed. The problems people have with sheets are usually caused by excess stress on eyelets and seams; this can be avoided with a few simple steps.

  • Always make sure that water does not sit on the sheet. Having a pitched run-off means that water will not collect and damage the surface. Water can also be somewhat heavy in large amounts and can weigh the tarp down.
  • It is advisable to use bungee or elastic fixings. Using material that will stretch helps to alleviate some of the pressure on the eyelets when the conditions are windy. Anything that you can do to help take stress off eyelets and corners will be welcomed by your cover.
  • Using rope above the tarpaulin to stop it rising is also helpful. This will prevent any gusts of wind from dislodging it from its original position.
  • Be gentle with it. Treating your purchase with care ensures that it will last longer. In the event your cover should get a rip or get punctured special tape is available. Try and fix your tarpaulin as soon as you can.
  • You will see that on many camping blogs and in guides that tarpaulins have many applications. Please follow any instructions fully as there are some great tips and hints out there!

Please do explore the range of fixings available. Some of the tie-downs and ropes are specifically design to help maintain your groundsheets.  Pegs are also available for use.

It is also a good tip to add extra eyelets if needed. Eyelet kits are readily available and can be found on our site too!


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