How To Keep Deer Away From Your Property & Garden.

roe-deer_1748031cDeer can be either a wonderful site or a complete menace. They can cause damage to gardens and can be a general nuisance. Luckily there are a few humane and safe ways to keep them away. Following some, or all, of these methods can deter these animals with minimal work involved.

  1. The first, and possibly most obvious, is to build a fence around the area you would like protect. You can either buy ready-made fencing or you can build it yourself. Specialised deer netting is available and with just a few poles can be put up to stop any unwanted guests. The barrier that you create will be safe for the animals and it means you do not need to take aggressive measures.
  2. Deer repellent sprays and gels are easy to get hold of and very effective.  Spraying the affected area will help to keep away all manner of animals, not just Bambi.
  3. It is common knowledge that they do not like movement, noise or flashing lights. Something like a wind chime or and garden ornaments driven by wind will unnerve many animals and prevent them from coming onto your property.
  4. There are a few plants that Deer don’t eat; growing these will mean that they will be less attracted to graze on your land. You can find a link to these types of plants below.
  5. Family pets are useful at keeping away many types of animals. Pets are usually quite territorial when it comes to their home and this can help when having problems with Deer. Dogs are ideal.
  6.  Do not do anything that would encourage wild animals to enter your garden. Feeding animals will mean that they will keep coming back time after time.

A lot of these methods can be applied to mammals like cats, dogs and foxes. There are a plethora of excellent sprays, gels and puffers built to for this purpose. It is worth doing some research into the effects of the spray and whether they are safe for certain plants. The fencing is not only suitable for keeping deer out but also in. If you wish to keep them within a contained area then it can work both ways.

It is all very well growing plants that aren’t appetising to deer, make sure that you do not grow too much that are. Fruit plants and anything high in protein are often very tempting to animals.

Please find the list of plants mentioned above here



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