Keeping the veg warm!

As a keen gardener in my spare time, I have had serious problems over the last few winters with there being a lot of snow and colder weather here in the UK. This can also apply to cold weather all over the globe but this is really specific to the problems I have personally faced.

I like to keep my garden as healthy as possible, I don’t have one of those wild gardens, it is all about keeping things neat for me. I tend to keep potted plants and also have a small vegetable patch (probably about 5m x 3m). My plants particularly have been feeling the effects of the previous couple of winters.

OK, so I got some frost fleecing from our shop for plants and had no idea how to use it, no instructions at all, I later found out that this was the case with all fleece. I went online and started searching to see what I could find and got some pretty decent tips so I thought I would share in an article.

Firstly I’ll start with the vegetable patch. Being a bit of a ‘handy man’ I knocked together a frame from some timber I had lying around (roughly 5m x 3m x 50cm). I then stapled the fleece to the frame using a normal stapler I had in the house, it is not particularly windy down my neck of the woods so I guess something very strong, nails perhaps, should be used for tougher climates. The result of the frame just meant that my little vegetables were a bit warmer and held in some of the heat from the brief sunny moments. Some days I used apparatus to warm under the frame, but I found that the fleece does a fairly decent job of keeping the frost from the veg.

On to plotted plants. This one is simple. I followed the instructions of the blog that I found. I first wrapped fleece around the pots a couple of times to keep them warmer. I am not sure whether it was totally effective but I think it helped keep frost off the pots and kept them a little bit warmer. For plants I thought might be fragile I used these small green sticks that I found at my local garden centre and created sort of fleece tent over the plants.

Over this recent winter I had a lot fewer plants die! When it came to the spring I did not re-plant nearly as much as I had done the previous few years. I hope this information may be able to help some other people, even just one or two. We have to help other green fingered friends as much as possible!


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