What Type Of Weed Fabric Do I Need?

Weed fabric is not necessarily something that the normal person buys everyday, this is why when the need crops up it is hard to tell what to buy. This is where QVS come in, we can give you a guide to the grades of geotextiles and where they should be used.

To start I would like to mention that ‘weed fabric’, ‘landscape fabric’, ‘geotextile’ and ‘membrane’ are all the same thing; there are many descriptive names for this type of sheeting and it can get a little confusing.  I hope that makes things a bit more simple for you.

The are two types of weed sheeting; woven & spun bonded. The difference between these is that one is made from woven strips of polyethylene and the latter is constructed from fibres. They are both suitable for separate situations.

The spun-bonded is usually put to use in flowerbeds, borders and areas that can be mulched or have a covering of stones or chippings.  It is usually placed where there will be little to no pedestrian activity.

The woven weed suppressant is more suitable for areas such as driveways and under lawns, areas of heavy use. The weaving helps to strengthen the sheeting in tough conditions. All ground cover will need to be pegged down.

The next thing to look out for is the weight of the product. 100 grams per square metre (gsm) is a good heavy weight, suitable for heavier uses as mentioned above. 50gsm cover is usually used for the borders and flowerbeds I also mentioned earlier in the post.   Take these as a basis to start with.

For more information on use and securing options visit us here. We also have a contact line for any questions you might have.


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