Pond Netting; Why It Is Necessary & How To Use

Pond netting is a useful product to have as it helps to protect your fish and other wildlife from debris and contaminates. Usually coming in extruded and knotted/knitted form; the smaller the mesh size, the better protection you will receive. Net will stop items such as leaves, stones, branches and other natural debris from entering the pond. Birds and other animals will be kept away from your fish, leaving you with the peace of mind that they will not be harmed.

Installing is a simple process, but one that is specific to each pond. If you so wish, you can create a frame for the netting to sit on if there is nothing to hang it from. The netting should be hung over the pond around six to nine inches above the water and secured by pegs, preferably steel ones.

Make sure that you build an area for access to the pond, most of the time access will be unnecessary but for the times it is then it will be useful. You can go on feeding and not have to take the netting down.

Extruded netting tends to be more economical and does not last as long as knitted netting.

20mm x 20mm is usually the bench mark in terms of pond & bird nets.



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