How to Prepare and Lay Ground Cover Before Re-turfing Your Lawn.

Laying a new lawn can be a frustrating and time consuming task, but it will look superb if done correctly. It can transform the look of your garden and make it look lush and green.

It is important that the turf has a healthy and flat bed of fertilised soil to sit on. This can be created in just a few easy steps. Firstly you must clear the area to be used. Rake the area, clear the soil from old bits of grass and stone and apply a weed killing measure such as a spray or a similar suitable treatment. Once the area is clear of and left over grass and perennials then you can get to work levelling it out. You can use a mechanical device to roll the area to level it out or you can simply use your feet, applying pressure to the soil to compact and straighten it.

The next step is optional, but recommended. Laying heavy duty landscape control fabric will help to keep away a substantial amount of weeds. The 100gsm woven material is suitable for this use, when covering an area that is going to have any amount of pedestrian activity then it is important to use a strong geotextile.

Once this is laid and pegged down then you can move on to the final stages. You want to put your brand new turf on some soil that is nutrient rich to give it the best start in life. An inch or two of nice compost will help to keep your turf fresh through the early stages of settling in. As an alternative you are able to get hold of some pre-laying fertiliser that helps to keep the soil rich if not laying any compost. You are in a position now to lay the new lawn, the strips of turf are simple to roll out and easy to place next to each other. Trim the borders and water the grass often: try not to walk around on it too much as it takes a while for its roots to settle into the ground and this can be disturbed by activity.

It is important to follow the aftercare instruction provided by the company you have purchased the turf from, they will have a regime suited to the amount you have laid and the particular conditions related to your geographical position. When cutting the grass initially always use the mower on a high setting, cutting too short will damage the grass and bare patches may appear.

I hope you have found this helpful, it is important to do things correctly and I’d like to think this would be a good starting point in regards to important facts on laying a new lawn.

The key points:

  • Clear the area of debris and weeds
  • Make sure it is flat
  • Lay weed fabric (optional)
  • Fertilise soil or lay compost
  • Lay turf

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