Covering Your Classic Car; Do It For Less

Bespoke Car CoverA large population of the UK own classic cars. These are usually cherished motors, often passed down from generation to generation and whether it be a Triumph, Riley or Jag you will want it to be protected from the elements if it is kept outside, especially during damp conditions or snow.

Usually bespoke protection is available for your vehicle, this can be incredibly expensive though and many people simply can’t afford it. As with a lot of things though it is a possibility to make your own, matching or passing the level of safety achieved by bespoke sheets.

The first step is to prepare the interior. Buying several small dehumidifiers (the crystal type), usually only a few pounds, will help to keep the inside dry whilst it is covered. Moisture can often build up and damage interiors of cars. Make sure it is nice and clean inside and everything is clean. This also applies to the outside; it will need to be clean and dry before placing any cover on.  Any surface moisture can cause rust and damage paint and metal.

You will need to purchase a breathable cover. As it is only the first layer it doesn’t have to be expensive, just something soft as an initial level of protection. You can pick one up from eBay or Amazon perhaps, they are widely available.

The next step is to find something more heavy duty for the final layer. A heavy duty tarpaulin will be the most suitable, whether it is made of Canvas, PE or perhaps PVC. Please make sure you measure your car properly before you buy anything, it is important you purchase something that fits. In regards to tarpaulins something over 250gsm should be perfect, it will be able to protect against wind, rain and snow. Canvas usually aesthetically fits with classic cars; it can be customised with badges for particular makes and models of vehicles.

The last finishing touch is to make sure everything is fully secured with bungee or rope. Bungee is definitely preferred because when it stretches in winds it helps to take the stress away from the eyelets on the tarpaulin. You can create custom ties by adding hooks on the end to run underneath the car, or you can run bungee in a continuous loop, threading it in the eyelets creating a seal around the bottom.

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