How To Cover Your Newly Built Log Store

Log StoreWith the rise in Log Burners, many homes will have a place to store logs; a lot of these structures are similar to the picture on the left (open and without a roof). With the amount of rain that we get in the UK it is often hard to keep things dry without sacrificing the aesthetics of a structure. Builder’s sheets and polythene are often used to cover them and usually come in green, blue and bright colours and do not match the nice wood of the store.  There is, however, a solution – Canvas.

Canvas usually comes in light beige or a tan shade that looks great when covering wood; it is breathable meaning that it helps to keep condensation away from the wood . The waxed sheets will help to keep of water and the stitched design looks very classic.

The main issue you may face with a tarp is how to keep it all secure; this is easier than you think. You can firstly buy a length of bungee and create a loop around the bottom of the store, through the eyelets of the tarpaulin; pulled tight this will make sure that it is secured. Alternatively if the sheet is long enough you will be able to peg it to the ground, this will give extra protection against wind. There are a number of other ways you can attach your cover, nailing, shock cords and rope; people tend to be very creative with how they cover it.

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