Polythene Or Weed Fabric Membrane? Which Is Better?

Membrane Sheets 100gsmThis has been a question for a long time, use polythene or geotextile to guard against weeds; the answer is fairly simple.

We supply and sell both materials and over a number of years have heard back from customers with their thoughts and stories. On blogs and websites polythene is deemed to be cheaper alternative, but when looking at the facts it is not suited for this job. Plastic sheeting has many uses, it is great for DIY around the home, for building projects and arts and crafts. Heavier duty versions can often be used in greenhouses and small plots as it is effective at warming the ground, however this is not recommended for large areas. People are usually steered towards buying inexpensive thin sheets to lay in and around the garden. This can cause more problems than it solves. Woven weed control fabric on the other hand has been created with your garden in mind; it is developed for a specific job and in the long term will serve you better. The best fabric to buy is the woven polyethylene version, it is stronger and will last a lot longer. The tight weave is very strong and also at the same time very easy to cut and shape; perfect for the irregularities of the garden. The plastic sheeting available will often get damaged very easily and can rip after installation, especially when laid under gravel and subjected to pedestrian traffic.

In the UK, as most know, we get quite a bit of water. Flooding is becoming more prevalent and we are susceptible to more storms and heavy rain. As the bad weather increases it can become dangerous to line your garden with polythene. Water will be unable to pass naturally through the soil and will pool, this can cause a lot of damage. What was once ‘a bargain’ could have drastic effects on your garden and land as surface water builds up. With the obvious common effects of flooding I have heard such stories as rotten decking, flooded paths, sodden land and more. Using weed fabric will combat this. The material is perforated and therefore rainwater will be able to drain through to the soil below, not only keeping it moist and healthy, but utilising the ground as drainage.

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