How To Use Adhesive Tape : How to Fix Tarpaulins & Polythene

Tarpaulins and Polythene are often used to protect roofs, cover cars, and repair windows. They are often exposed to bad weather and testing conditions. As we all know too well things do not last forever; they can snap, rip, break and fall apart. Sheets often develop small holes and rips. Do not panic as there are items to fix it.

The first item that you should have in your toolkit is adhesive tape. Please make sure it is for use with PVC, polythene and polyethylene products. This will be used to secure any rips, cracks or small holes.
Make sure you dry any sheet before you repair; with water on the surface the tape will not stick correctly and your repair may be compromised. Apply the tape to both sides of the tear or cut, making sure that it is sealed correctly. Applying pressure will help it to stick properly. Leave to dry.

You can also stitch fabric tarpaulins together but that is not recommended at home. This is a job for a professional and should not be attempted by anyone with no prior experience.

Repairing tarpaulins at home can save you a lot of money. They can last a lot longer if you look after them and make repairs as soon as a problem appears.


How to use plastic hook ends.

Bungee Plastic Hook With CordThere is a very limited supply of  information on the net regarding these hook ends. The good thing is that installation is fairly straight forward. These specific hooks are designed to fit 6-8mm bungee cord.

Here is how to install…

  • Place the bungee cord through the grommet.
  • Put the bungee into the bottom of the hook
  • Push the grommet to meet the bottom of the hook and it should lock into place

The picture above should be a reference point, it shows the two parts of the hook.